20210314 brand new stock trading.

New stock trading

code corp name AA stocks
6737 EIZO Corporation ¥4185 1,000
9783 Benesse HD ¥2269 1,000

Having stocks

code corp name AA NA stocks
9412 Sky Perfect JSAT HD ¥472 ¥484 1,000
2733 Arata corporation ¥4726 ¥4825 1,000

One thing

EIZO have PBR 0.8 that There is a feeling of being a little cheap.
And they announced Increased sales and dividends.
Stock prices are rising of 3/12, but I think they are still limited.
It is also a brand that is strong against covid 19 situation.

Benesse HD was greatly influenced by covid 19.
In particular, it had a big impact on the English education business.
I was read financial report 2020Q3 , I look like improve influenced point.
The fixed date of the dividend is near and I Expecting business results.

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